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991 days ago
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A multidisciplinary event to fix the systemic, legal corruption that is weakening our public institutions around the world. Organized by the Harvard Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics and the MIT Center for Civic Media.

987 days ago
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Mary's MuniMiner CDA Mining Project
Mary V Hi all,
I told Katy at the Safra Center that I would check in with you all and see if you wanted to work up an exhibit for the icorruption conference on May 2nd.  If so, then we should probably figure out a time and means to talk about what we might set up. 
989 days ago
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BillProject Description: Creating a social platform for boycotts to lower the associated transaction costs. People can submit boycotts and invite people to participate. Additionally, the platform furthers the social aspect by crowdsourcing information such as boycott proposals and potential alternatives.
991 days ago
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On March 27–29, 2015, over 100 journalists, coders, artists, lawyers, physicists, designers, policy wonks, mathematicians and academics gathered at the MIT Media Lab to take part in Hacking iCorruption. Over the course to two days, participants worked alongside past and current Center for Ethics Fellows to develop the technological tools needed to help end institutional corruption.
993 days ago
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Here are some links to help understand the approach further:
This paper finds that, "Libor is not a sufficient statistic for bank funding costs."  The authors suggest that market participants use a range of funding cost measures when looking to set a benchmark for the cost of funds in the market.  This is the precisely the goal of our project. 
 Mary Bathory Vidaver
993 days ago
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An index  was created by a Safra Fellow that ranks the 20 largest pharma and biotech companies, as well all new medicines and vaccines, on critical ethics, public health, and human rights issues. The first pilot was completed before the hackathon; it ranks companies and new medicines on the degree to which clinical trial information is disclosed.  Gathering the data for the pilot index was very time consuming, so the hackers are working to automate the process. To this end, they created a software to automate the most time consuming, important and tedious part of the ranking: scraping FDA pdfs for data.  So far it is looking good!  We are also beginning to visualize the data.
Hackers: Sisi Ni, Rhonda Phillips, David Mascarenas, Arjun Ramaswamy, Sandesh  Iyer, Blake Parker
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